Meet the tribe....



I always had a passion for dancing, but I started my dancing journey around 10 years ago, when I met Sienna and the girls at a crossroads at the Yungaburra festival. Since then, I have danced with Sienna’s group, “Tribal Zest.”

Before that fateful meeting I already had a very strong urge to dance. 

When I hear music, my bodily instinct is to move in rhythm. The dancer spirit has always been in me.  The opportunity to dance with our group has deepened my sense of connection between our dancers and tribes around the world. 

Through dance I transform myself into weightlessness and my spirit leads my body into a dancing adventure.



I started Tribal Bellydance with Sienna in 2017 and I have been hooked ever since. Sienna is an amazing and patient teacher and her classes are filled with learning new moves and dances but most importantly connection, fun and laughter. I love the earthy and grounded style of this dance, the music, the costuming and connection and have had the pleasure of dancing with and meeting dancers from Australia and overseas with a shared passion of this dance. Dancing is my escape from the busy outside world as I concentrate on the dance moves and music and I always feel relaxed and refreshed after dancing.



I’m a mover and shaker! Coming from a musical and jazz dancer background, I love watching and dancing to all types of traditional and fusion dance pieces. I found Sienna and her tribe originally in 2014 performing an amazing sword dance and I remember saying to myself “I want to be able to that!” and now I can. I rejoined in 2018/2019. I love the flow of Global Caravan Tribal Bellydancing, once you know moves you can improv dance with anyone in the world, being able to communicate without talking, purely by dance queues. I love getting lost to the music and challenging myself with remembering as many moves as possible to make my dance flow. On top of this wonderful earthy dance, the costuming is stunning, all the vintage jewellery, long flowing skirts and striking props. 



One of the things I wanted to do in my life was Belly Dancing.

I started my Belly dance journey in 2014.  Then I joined Tribal Zest in 2015, since I saw Sienna and her ladies were performing at the Tanks Market.  I was in love with their ethnic costumes and synchronised movements and how they were presenting themselves.

I believe that Tribal Belly dancing is “Being a proud of women, and Enjoy the strong bound of souls".  Whenever I am attending class or performing, this precious time becomes “healing time” for me.

I am allowed to forget about work, home duties, parenting. Especially, I love outside performances!!  Sharing joy of dancing, souls and vibrations with audiences are the best moments for me.

Through my journey of Tribal Bellydancing, one of my goals is performance with a sword.  I achieved this in 2020.  Now I am looking forward to moving onto my next goals. 



I started my dance journey with Sienna/Tribal Zest in 2019. I was looking for something new to try. For fun, play, connection … for ME. It’s been far more than that, and I haven’t looked back since. Although I had grown up dabbling in various styles of dance (like many may have), I never in a million years would have even considered labelling myself as a ‘dancer’. Through attending regular classes over the past few years, and immersing myself a little more  in the wider dance circle within Aus with Nina’s temple workshops, and TITT events, I’ve unearthed the dancer within - a piece of my soul that had been longing to come forth, which I hadn’t realised was there. This has had the most delicious flow on into so many other areas of my life, and I’m both honoured and so grateful to be able to connect with, and share the juicy, creative and expressive woman-centred goodness that comes with this format. Connection, community, and women supporting women. 

Celebrating the joys of living. Of moving. Of creativity. Of stepping out of the shadows and into ourselves more fully. Embodiment. Full sovereignty as women. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s what the world needs more of. I honestly cannot imagine my life without this dance format in it - it’s woven its magic into my very being, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.